about the company

One of the industries the Plan Writers specializes in is the rapidly growing Cannabis Industry in North America. We partnered with the Owner and Founder of Cerda Imports, Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon to deliver a custom-made Business Plan for her newly integrated medical and recreational Cannabis Delivery Service operating out of Denver, Colorado (YS Cannabis Delivery Service, LLC)

As part of her mission, Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon has come up with an engagement plan to contribute to the development of positive relationships with community members and help with the smooth transition into a legal, transparent, and competitive cannabis delivery marketplace in Colorado.

Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon’s commitment to creating an eco-friendly and sustainable future is unrivaled when it comes to her unique product line of TAGUA COCONUT SEED PIPES for cannabis users, an exclusive product unique to the Company, designed by Yadira and the Cerda Imports team. These hand-crafted and sustainable pipes are sourced from Tagua Coconut Seeds imported straight from Ecuador, and make perfect smoking accessories for cannabis users of all experience levels. Consumers are also able to have their brand name or logo engraved onto the pipes for a truly personalized product. 

Additionally, Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon and the Cerda Imports team have dedicated a portion of all sales to Single Mother and underprivileged children who may need help paying for school tuition. For every order made, the Company will donate 10%. Donations are also used for schools and school playgrounds.

"I started with Cerda imports Club selling Tagua Coconut Seed Pipes to raise donations for students in rural areas of Ecuador. Shortly after, I joined "The Color of Cannabis" organization and "The Marijuana Industry Group."
Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon

President & Founder

Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon

Originally from Ecuador, Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon came to the United States when she was only 16 years of age. After graduating with honors from Sheridan High School, Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon moved from her home in Colton, CA to Colorado. There she graduated from the Arapahoe Community College, and the American Intercontinental University online, with a BA in Business Administration. Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon now owns her own construction clean-up company, officially named YS Construction Clean Up Services, using more than 22 years of entrepreneurial experience to successfully run the company. 

As a single mother of two and minority business owner, Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon started to become more involved in the world of cannabis after two separate accidents, leaving her with a damaged spine. Doctors prescribed medications and pills that began to damage her nervous system and she started to lose sensation in her legs, inhibiting her from taking care of her children. It was around this time that Colorado legalized cannabis, and after becoming legally accessible, Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon decided to take advantage of the medicinal benefits of Marijuana, in turn, inspiring her to begin her career in the Cannabis Industry. 

Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon is well-known as a very persistent, optimistic, self-motivated, and passionate entrepreneur and business owner. Through her push for eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to her selfless contributions to the community, Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon is set to become a leader in the cannabis industry while destigmatizing the industry as a whole.