Do I really need a business plan?
We have found that when entrepreneurs dedicate their time to planning their business, not only do they save money by avoiding mistakes, they are also more likely to succeed. A good business plan requires the entrepreneur to address all the challenges he or she will face and visualize exactly how he or she will achieve his or her goal. Through this process, the entrepreneur will improve his or her understanding of the opportunity ahead and better prepare him or herself for success. This is why banks and investors almost always require the entrepreneur to develop a detailed and professional business plan.
Why can’t I write a business plan myself?
Even if you have an outstanding business background, it can take months to process relevant market research, model your financial projections and synthesize all your data to complete an impactful business plan. It’s much more effective for you to focus on developing your business while leveraging outside experts to write an efficient business plan and gain unbiased perspective into your business. By using The Plan Writers, we will identify new opportunities and challenges for which you can prepare. Finally, we subscribe to top dollar academic literature to which you would most likely not be privy. The research reports alone are usually worth more than the business plan you are paying for!
Who are the writers and what are everyone’s qualifications?
We spend a tremendous amount of time head-hunting quality writers that meet our standards and fit into our company culture. Any writer that is on our payroll will have an MBA and/or at least 5 years of professional work experience. This is to ensure you have the most knowledgeable business plan writing service for your business.
Have you worked in our industry?
There will most likely be someone on our team that has prior business experience in your industry. Chances are, we probably have already written a business plan similar to your business. Does this mean that we ever recycle material? No! We not only personalize every business plan, but you will also be able to leverage all the best practices and trends we’ve discovered. The bottom line is that we all come from diverse backgrounds and are passionate about working through different business models.
What’s the success rate with your business plans?
We often time get asked this question and have to set the proper expectations. As writers, we absorb, guide, and convey your vision to help guide your success. Ultimately, it is up to you to recognize if you have the resources, expertise, and determination to accomplish your goal. An investor or bank may not fund your business plan. However, we can promise you that it will never be rejected because of us.
I already have a business plan but want to improve it. Can you do this for me?
As a courtesy, we offer free audits of an existing business plan and will give you some feedback. Please understand that we are expert business plan writers and have critically high expectations. The Plan Writers only delivers outstanding work, so unless your existing business plan meets our standards, we will need to develop an efficient strategy from scratch. We’ll be happy to add your current plan to our research file and incorporate any elements that merit making it to the final business plan.
Do I have to pay you money upfront?
Yes, a 50% deposit is required to get started and you will need to pay the full balance before we can send you a draft. Please understand that we are a service provider and have no way of collecting funds once you are in possession of a draft. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We can offer a small sample of our work to ensure you are getting a quality, personalized product. The Plan Writers has an outstanding reputation for integrity and we would not be in business today if we did not make our clients happy.
Will you agree with everything I say?
You are paying us for our expertise and we will offer our input even if our research may contradict you. Ultimately, you are the customer and we will listen to you.
How much do I have to get involved in this process?
We recommend that you put a lot of thought into the initial paperwork and discovery session. While The Plan Writers will do all the heavy lifting, it’s important that you define your goals and communicate your basic vision so we can provide the most meaningful work for you. Ultimately, this is your business and we want you to understand the core principles behind what we are doing. Also, we are happy to clarify and assist with any questions you might have. If you would like us to advise you on the answers above and beyond our discovery session, we offer a consultation of up to 1 hour for an additional $150.
Will you sign an NDA?
Yes. We can provide you with one of our own NDA’s and we’ll be just as happy to sign yours. We would never jeopardize our client's confidential intellectual property and hold by a very resolute moral integrity.
How long will it take to write my business plan?
It depends on the business; however we have complete business plans anywhere from 5 business days to 14 business days. You don’t want to rush us! Quality is better than speed of delivery.
Can you write any faster?
If there is an absolute urgent deadline you need us to meet, we may prioritize all our resources to your business plan. We charge a rush fee according to the complexity and urgency of the plan.
How much do you charge for your services?
Our fees are all fixed based on your sales quote. The amount is dependent on the project. We work on small businesses that need a plan for a coffee shop for their lenders to a helping a high-growth tech company go public. If you call our offices, a consultant will get you an exact quote on your call.
What if I need to make changes to my business plan?
As a customer-centric organization, we will make sure you are happy with your final product. We offer at least one free revision on any plan. As long as you do not abuse our relationship, we almost always will revise your business plan until you are completely satisfied.
Do you ever invest in your clients?
Not at this time. We may entertain a proposal if the circumstances are unique.