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Our history is rooted in humble beginnings. Founder, Matt Khalili, armed with nothing but a vision and a few thousand dollars to his name, spearheads his first startup. Over a decade ago, we made many sacrifices to realize our dream; things such as moving into our parents' home, working out of a garage by day, and studying through graduate school by night. We put tens of thousands on a credit card that we didn’t know when or how we could pay back. One thing was clear: We knew it would take outside capital to move the needle.

After countless coffee meetings, networking events, pitch competitions, and everything in between, Matt Khalili gathered as much feedback as humanly possible and crafted a masterful business plan that was filled with soul. He presented this plan to USC (University of Southern California) and won the privileged award for Best Business Plan.

From that point on, new and exciting opportunities opened up— friends, colleagues, and referrals from all over reached out for help. We recognized the overwhelming need for startups to outsource their business plans and our desire to shape a better experience for other entrepreneurs to succeed. We asked: “Why should startups suffer this anxiety, time, and steep learning curve in advancing their new venture? What if there was a better way?”

Filled with a new wave of passion and inspiration, we prepared a new business plan for a creative agency to develop business plans for other startups…Thousands of business plans later, we instill the same soul into every single project. We are the Plan Writers!

2011 Award for the Best Plan Writing Company

Why should startups suffer this anxiety, time and steep learning curve in advancing their new venture? What if there was a better way?

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our core principles

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To develop
investor-facing documents with zero fluff that busy, intelligent professionals want to read.
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To anticipate
questions that the reader will want to know and make sure we have the right answers.
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To help
our clients internalize our researchand findings, so that they can truly own their business plan.
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To commit
to each and every plan all the way to the end. We may not be perfect but will go above and beyond to make sure our client founders have a good customer experience.
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what plan writers

can do for you

your Vision:

Interview your team to portray your message, business model, and market opportunity in a meaningful plan that investors want to read.

your Industry:

Source and summarize relevant market research that will demonstrate a viable addressable market.

Prepare your
Marketing Plan:

Identify key target markets and marketing channels that align with your funding raise and operating budgets.

your Advantage:

Research your competition and position your differentiating success factor to show the world how and why you will succeed.

Model your
Financial Projections:

Develop your growth assumptions, unit forecasts, profit & loss pro- forma (month-to-month), cash- flow analysis, break-even point and valuations.

Design Gorgeous

Create custom icons, borders, slides, background, and themes for your business plan and deck with a talented in-house graphic artist at your disposal.

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