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What is
an L-1 business plan?

The L-1 visa business plan is a supporting document for an application for an L1-visa intracompany transfer when a US employer wants an employee to transfer from another country into the US to work in its US office. It is also an essential requirement for any foreign enterprise that wants to open a US office and needs to transfer one or more employees to work in the new enterprise.

The requirements

For L-1 business plan:
  • The foreign office and the US office must be operated by the same company.
  • The US office can take many business forms, as a parent office, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary of a foreign parent company.
  • The foreign and the US enterprise must be related in some manner and must be doing business continuously.

For the employee applying for an L-1 visa:


The employee is a manager or executive, or a person with specialized knowledge.

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The employee must be working in an enterprise that is not in the U.S.


The employee must have worked with an enterprise outside the U.S. for at least one year within the last three years.

The main intent of the L-1 visa was for those multinational companies who are interested in starting or expanding business ventures in the U.S. However, it is also used for medium-sized businesses that want to expand their branches in the U.S. An L-1 business plan is a key document that accompanies the application for the visa. It must be a high-quality and very accurate document as per the requirements of USCIS officials. It must describe the business with concise details so that the reader is left with no doubts regarding the nature of the business, its location(s), and the role of the potential transferee.

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There are certain documents that accompany the L-1 business plan, but knowing how to assemble them is a crucial task. The supporting documents for an L-1 business plan can take various forms. The documentation proving specialized knowledge can be anything showing the employee’s work, products, or services, or anything that proves knowledge, such as patents or certificates of accomplishment.

An L-1 visa extension can be applied for if it takes more than a year to build up and run a new enterprise. During the first year, any activity regarding the operation of the enterprise is considered appropriate, but after the completion of the first year, documentation is needed to prove that the executives are performing their executive duties appropriately.

Why hire
a consultant

Understanding the documentation needs of the L-1 business plan is critical because, if done inappropriately, the visa application may not be accepted. An experienced consultant with a flair for writing can be a very useful guide for the enterprise. Their invaluable expertise can help you to achieve a business plan that ensures long-term success.


The Plan Writers

The Plan Writers team delivers highly detailed and professional business plans that are tailored according to the unique needs of the business. We ensure that the project makes an effective impression on the USCIS officials, leaving no doubt as to the feasibility of the business.

We understand the difficulties that one has to go through while relocating to a completely different country. We also understand the complexities of starting a business in a foreign land. We are always by your side, like a friend, to provide you with a comprehensive and professionally designed plan that will help you to achieve your business goals and entrepreneurial aspirations.


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"My business exceeds my expectations and I sincerely appreciate the effort you and your team committed to working with me on this. I know I asked more of you than most. Thank you for working with me, challenging me and ultimately, delivering one hell of a plan."

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