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Many of the most innovative companies in the United States were started by immigrants. In fact, one of the pillars on which the US economy stands is held strong by investors from outside. That is the reason why the US government has created special visas just for immigrant investors. Immigration by investment has also become one of the most popular means of settling in the country. However, to qualify for this kind of visa, applicants must meet strict documentation requirements, as defined by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The business plan needs to provide all the information that an immigration officer needs to make a decision as to whether the foreign investor should be granted immigration or not.

Professional business plan. If you are interested in starting a new business or investing in a new venture, the E-2 business plan will be the best choice for you to enjoy a higher quality of living and better business opportunities. The E-2 business plan is a document that presents the potential of an investment. It is a viable plan for achieving sustainability and long-term profits for the US.


The immigrant investor must fulfill all the requirements as per the norms of USCIS before the application is even considered. These requirements are very rigid and not easily met, yet millions of investors succeed because they have a high-quality E-2 business plan to provide to the US government.

E-2 Visa Plan


For E-2 business plan:
  • One of the basic requirements that a foreign investor needs to meet is that they have to invest in a new or existing business in the United States. An investment is defined as placing capital in the form of money or assets into a new or existing venture for profitable outcomes.
  • The money invested must be in the possession of the entrepreneur and some of it irrevocably committed to the enterprise.
  • The money must be in the investor’s funds
  • The money must be legitimately obtained
  • Another requirement is that the business must be a real one; that is, the entrepreneurial undertaking will produce goods or services for earning profits. Therefore, the investor cannot simply buy stock or underdeveloped land and call it a going concern.

Required documents:

Certain documents are required to write a proper E-2 business plan. These documents endorse the information in the business plan:

  • Lease agreement if renting some commercial space.
  • Real estate purchase or sales contract if purchasing some commercial space.
  • Franchise agreement.
  • Purchase or sales contract if buying some other business.
  • Resume of the immigrant investor.
  • Resume of any executive or manager already hired.
  • Articles of incorporation if the business is a corporation.
  • Articles of organization if the company is a limited liability company.
  • Explanation of the capital invested.

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Writing an E-2 business plan is not that simple, since this document is written to impress USCIS. It contains some additional sections that directly address the requirements of USCIS which are as follows:

  • An executive summary: the first two pages can be an executive summary of the business. These introductory pages of the plan can grab the attention of the immigration officer. The summary should briefly portray a nice, well-rounded picture of the enterprise.
  • E-2 Visa Fulfillment: this section of the plan describes how the mentioned requirements of the USCIS are met.
  • Value proposition: it describes how the business venture can be profitable to the U.S. economy.
  • Business summary: a description offering the business details.
  • Ownership structure and management: this section describes the involvement of the investor in the business and the roles and qualifications of the management team hired.
  • Industry analysis: the industry analysis demonstrates an in-depth analysis and research on the industry.
  • Market analysis: this section explains a complete analysis of the market and the competitors. It demonstrates the market segment the business is targeting and the demographics of that segment.
  • Operating plan: this section will provide a wealth of information regarding the operating strategies of the business.
  • Marketing strategies: the plan will include the marketing strategies of a company.
  • Sustainability strategies: The USCIS prefers to approve those business plans that present an enterprise with planned growth strategies.
  • Financial information: in this section, the financial condition of the entrepreneur is projected.
There are about 180 different visas available for those who are looking for relocation to the United States, but the actual scenario is something different. There are very few people who qualify for most of the visas; they often get rejected due to the inferior quality of their business plans. Writing this kind of business plan takes skill and acute attention to detail. For this reason, many hopeful foreigners seek the help of professionals for a well-constructed and attractive plan. And this is the very point where we enter the scenario.
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The Plan Writers team comprises professionals who have years of experience in preparing business plans. We help our clients by paving their way to success. Our business plans incorporate the expert advice of immigration lawyers across the United States. Our business plans are customized, not only according to your business needs but also in line with the immigration requirements.

We will guide you with our professional expertise so that you can attain your objective of working and living in the United States.


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