Upcoming Business Trends of 2014

Upcoming Business Trends of 2014

We now turn to focus our attention on 2014 and the trends we foresee becoming prominent among start-up businesses. These trends have gained momentum over the past year and we expect them to continue to continue in their popularity.


New Start-Ups Forming in the Sharing Economy


There’s a good chance that the sharing economy will continue to grow in the new year. A large number of start-up businesses have formed since Airbnb’s big turnout. Another company, Pleygo, a rental service for LEGOs, had a great year as well as they obtained $6 million of funding over the summer. Customers are given monthly shipments that come from a range of LEGO sets that are brought right to their door. It seems clear that growth in the sharing economy has sparked the arrival of some unique services. A service known as Park at my Garage allows customers to rent out driveways. They’ve even said that some users make thousands renting out their driveway.

It’ll be interesting to see who pulls ahead in the ranks, but it’s tough predicting what the end results will be. On an additional note, Pleygo became popular by bringing toys into the shared economy so it’s possible they’ll continue to increase the range of options in their products. Regardless of the business size, it’s certain that the demand for business plans will continue to be consistent.

Crowdfunding as a Primary Source of Capital

Kickstarter has found their niche in crowdfunding by surpassing five million supporters during October of 2013. Near the beginning of the new year, Kickstarter will exceed $1 billion dollars pledged to projects. They look to continue thriving as start-up businesses continue to look to them for funding.

It’s likely that additional companies look to Kickstarter as their main source of funding. Over the next year, it’s probable that there will be a rise to a number of companies that succeed in running Kickstarter funding projects. This is yet another real-life example of how you must adapt the evolving industry. Businesses must keep clients in mind so they should learn to be keen to the Kickstarter way of obtaining financial assistance.

3D Printing


Gartner, the top IT consulting firm in the nation, stated that 3D printing will be a prominent trend in the new year. As this industry continues to grow, businesses that specialize in consulting or business plan writing must get the proper research to be successful. One example is how The Boeing Company started using 3D printers to make parts for their aircrafts. Additionally, Hewlett-Packard told everyone about their business plans to have their own 3D printing model halfway through 2014. 3D printing is certainly headed towards big things in the new year. With the industry’s growth, there will also be a growth in the amount of companies looking to make their stride. Again, as opportunities arise, consulting companies must be prepared.