Top 10 Business Ideas for 2015

Top 10 Business Ideas for 2015

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Are you ready to venture out and become your own boss this year? Starting your own business can easily become overwhelming, particularly if you are unsure if your business will succeed in this modern world. Here is a list we compiled that we consider the hottest business ideas for 2015.

1. Kid-Friendly Apps!

No surprise here, applications for androids, apple, and windows is still an excellent opportunity. Parents are purchasing tablets to keep their kids entertained as well as to teach them to become more tech-savvy; we all know a 5-year old that owns an iPad or a tablet. Purchases of interactive applications continue to increase on Google’s Play Store and Apple Store. It is a convenient and affordable method for parents to provide entertainment and systematic learning without stepping outside. Design learning applications that kids will enjoy and parents will love to buy.

2. Go Mobile with a Food Truck

Not ready to open up a full-fledged brick-and-mortar restaurant yet? A food truck business is a way to go! Create a delicious and simple menu and go where the people are.  Food trucks have more success than brand new restaurants because they are mobile.  Food trucks can move around and find new customers and are much easier to operate.  However, competition is fierce; learn more about the food truck business before launching.

3. Phone Repairs

Everyone has a smartphone, and dropping and breaking them is simply inevitable. These repair shops are popping up all over the place but there is still lots of opportunities; for people looking for an affordable and convenient place to repair their phones. Not only can you repair phones you can also repair game systems and other electronic items as well.  Opening an electronic repair shop can a lot of areas of opportunities and a wide range of customers that you can target.

4. Go Green!

More and more people are choosing to upgrade their homes and become more energy efficient. In California, there are tax credits for purchasing a solar system, if that is not an incentive for going green I’m not sure what is. As advances in green energy keep improving, more and more people will go green; green construction is here to stay.

5. Online Store

Are you a knitter or a baker? Opening an online store can make it extremely easy for you to find your customers. Newer technology allows you to set up your own shop online without the hassle. You can sell as much as you want to customers wherever you want. Having an online store makes it incredibly easy for you to reach out to customers in other parts of the world. However, it’s important to note that because you are able to reach customers on other continents there will be higher shipping rates and even oversea taxes. Customers do prefer being able to access your store at any time without the hassle of traveling there. You may find your products are more popular in countries you never expected!

6. Senior Care Services

People are growing older and living longer and the baby boomers generation is starting to retire. We will soon begin to see a huge demand for senior care services for all these Americans. Providing in-home services to individuals is growing, but we are still in need of more people to help. As more people retire, the fewer people we will have to take care of them.  This is a great business that simply will never run out of customers!

7. Fitness

Fitness is another popular service that is showing up all over. I’m not talking about opening up a gym, opening a small studio with personal fitness classes, dance classes, and so much more. People are looking for a better alternative than hitting the treadmill day after day. Offering courses such as Pilates, Zumba, or even in-home training can be a great start-up business!

8. Photography

Photography is becoming a lucrative business; many people are looking for affordable and professional photography services. They want a photographer who is creative and skilled in developing amazing angles for weddings, birthdays, and other popular events. People are beginning to see the benefits of hiring a professional photography company to take these beautiful shots.  Capture the photography business by showing off your creative style.

9. WordPress Support

Business services such as WordPress support can be an amazing opportunity for tech-savvy individuals. Why? Because everyone has a website and the easiest program to use to build and control a website for non-tech-savvy individuals is WordPress. If you know web design and programming, starting your own affordable business service can put you ahead of the competition. Brush up on your WordPress knowledge and start supporting!

10. Start Blogging

Many may believe that blogs are purely a way to express yourself and it may be but it is also a way to express yourself and make yourself money! If you are a strong writer and you have a passion for DIY projects, cooking, planting, couponing (yes, these blogs exist), or even cars, whatever it is you can blog about it. Share your thoughts and tips to the world and people will follow and begin seeking your advice it will become profitable and soon it will become your career. It’s amazing how many opportunities there are available on the web these days!

It is never too late to start your own business, 2015 is just getting started. Our business consultants are ready to help your business thrive. Contact our office today for more information on launching your business tomorrow.