Why Do You Need a Proper Business Plan?

Why Do You Need a Proper Business Plan?

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” - These words of Benjamin Franklin transcend their intended meaning and hold true in every venture of life.

how to write a business plan

As an entrepreneur, if you balked at the concept of making a business plan, think twice. A good business plan not only serves as an important strategic tool but also focuses on the specific steps necessary to make the business ideas succeed. How, you ask? Often, an idea may sound great but might fall apart when all the details and numbers are put together. Penning down the business plan forces you into disciplined thinking.

There is always a drift amongst the business funding experts and consultants on the matter of whether a business plan is relevant or not. For small business owners, often the business requires funds to be raised from institutional lenders and investors, which a proper business plan should hold as extremely important. This will speak for the plan itself, making it the obvious choice. The thumb rule for such plans is to be simple and easy to understand.

There are plenty of free business plan and business plan templates available online to give an idea of how to write a business plan. Once you've spent time gathering the required information, follow this step by step guide to make a perfect pitch for your business.

  • Executive Summary

Speak in a nutshell about what you aim and what you want. All too often the business owners mention their desires in some seventh or ninth page which certainly doesn’t value by then.

  • Business Description

Discuss in detail (not to the point of making the reader fall asleep) about the various markets within the industry, future possibilities, present outlook, and how the new products or developments will benefit your business.

Take the help of the various business plan tools such as the business plan software or the sample business plans in case you need guidance to make the plan.

  • Market Strategies

This would require meticulous market analysis about the target market audience. In order to garner its share of sales, the company should position its aspects of market study properly in the business plan presentation.

  • Management and Development Plan

The design and development plan section allows the investors to have an insight about the product's design. Similarly, an operation’s plan highlights on the logistics of the organization including the responsibilities of the management team, expense and capital requirements, and other related items of the business.

  • Competitive Analysis

This helps to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors. Moreover, it offers a clear picture about the strength and weaknesses of the product development cycle.

The various business plan services available in the market can help to make a proper business plan presentation. But before you make them, make sure to consider these factors:

  • Are your investors the target audience?
  • Are you interested in joint ventures or partnerships?
  • How to write a business plan when you have a key message in mind?

Potential investors or lenders would not be generally impressed with the mere description of the business concept but would require an elaborate financial plan. Not just the financial matters, human resource planning, management issues, technology, and creating value for consumers are also part of a business strategy. Additionally, unless you make the plan, it is difficult to identify the potential pitfalls of your idea.

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