Eb-5 Visa Calls for Matter of Ho

Eb-5 Visa Calls for Matter of Ho

The EB-5 visa business plan needs to be Matter of Ho compliant and skilled consultants alone can enable you to meet the requirements.

Many foreigners wishing to purchase or start a business in the USA do so by the EB-5 visa route. This way they become eligible for the much coveted Green Card too.

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However, obtaining the immigration visa is easier said than done. There are a lot of legal requirements and a detailed business plan is a must. The plan not only has to fulfill the EB-5 program regulations but also be Matter of Ho compliant. This landmark case sets out the constituents of an EB-5 business plan and will determine whether the visa is granted or denied. This includes:

  • Description of the business, product/service and goals
  • Description of target market and prospective customers
  • Analysis of the market including names of competitor businesses, strengths and weaknesses, product and price comparisons, etc.
  • Permits and licenses obtained or to be obtained by the new business
  • Manufacturing process, materials required and supply sources
  • Contracts for sourcing supplies or distributing products
  • Marketing strategies, pricing, advertising and servicing
  • Description of organizational structure, management and personnel including their experience
  • Staffing requirements, job descriptions, hiring timetable, pay and benefits
  • Projections for costs, sales, cash flow, income and profits with due clarification of all assumptions

Over and above this, comprehensive and credible business plans alone stand a chance of securing an EB-5 visa.

Therefore, visa applicants should always have a professional and experienced business plan consultant – like Plan Writers (https://planwriters.com/) – by their side. The team is skilled at crafting realistic and complete EB-5 business plan. They function equally well as L-1 or E-2 business plan writers too.