Business Plan – Structuring is Crucial

Business Plan – Structuring is Crucial

A business plan is not just about covering all the details but also arranging and presenting the information in an organized manner. This will make the plan clear and convincing for the audience.

Some time back I had an excellent idea on hand and was looking for funds to launch the same. I had outlined what I wanted to do and the brilliant potential of the startup in a business plan.


However, my dreams came crashing down when one investor after another seemed to reject the proposal outright. I was extremely dejected, when an ex-colleague suggested that I should use business plan writing services and not write my business plan on my own. I was not in a mood to foot the business plan writers cost, however he insisted that I should at least get the plan reviewed by a professional.

The Plan Writers offer free audits of existing business plans and I approached them for some feedback. The consultant studied my plan in detail before giving some eye-opening pointers. He told me that while the business plan was sufficiently detailed and comprehensive, the way I had structured the elements had made it quite confusing.

We studied the plan together and I realized that my plan was speaking about the new service and target market all through. Amidst the exhaustive market analysis, I had jumbled in the company information, the cash flow, my team, and even the sales plans.

After the dispassionate perspective, my plan did seem quite muddled and baffling. Impressed with the expert views, I decided to employ to shape up a fresh business plan.

And that was exactly the impetus that my startup needed. The Plan Writers crafted a well-organized and systematic business plan that made by ideas and strategies very clear. Their plan did incorporate elements from my draft, but was properly structured with a cover page, executive summary, and other well-defined sections.

The plan finally created the desired impact – I could source the resources and the business took off with a flourish!