Does Your Business Plan Speak To The Investor?

Does Your Business Plan Speak To The Investor?

Professional business planning consultants are expert at recognizing the investors’ point of view and will provide all pertinent information in the business plan.

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A business needs investment and the investors need a business plan. Now this business plan is not simply about what you as an entrepreneur want to show the investors. The focus should always be on what the potential investors actually want to see in the business plan!


Therefore, while providing information about the product/service, market demographics, competition, research, strategies and financial analysis, investors are also watching out for the following information:

  • Funds: You have to spell out the amount of financing you wish to raise. Also clarify the business equity you are willing to provide in exchange. A credible valuation is influential here.
  • Use of investment: Equally important is how the funds will actually be used by the business to achieve growth and success.
  • Dilution of equity: An investor will hold considerable private equity in the business. Therefore, he will require information on how the remaining equity will be distributed - yourself, other investors, additional rounds of investment and employee stock options, if any.
  • Who’s in charge: Investors want to know everything from your own business background and experience to the organizational structure and management team.
  • Exit strategy: Every investor wants to get his money back appended by substantial returns. A prudent exit strategy is of profound importance.

If you really want a comprehensive investor business plan that addresses all investor concerns and manages to raise the desired level of funding, it’s best to employ professional business planning services like Plan Writers (