SUCCESS STORIES from our customers

Below are some of the success stories from our clients



One of the industries the Plan Writers specializes in is the rapidly growing Cannabis Industry in North America. We partnered with the Owner and Founder of Cerda Imports, Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon to deliver a custom-made Business Plan for her newly integrated medical and recreational Cannabis Delivery Service operating out of Denver, Colorado (YS Cannabis Delivery Service, LLC).

Yadira Elizabeth Silva Leon President & Founder


The Big Delta Brewing Company has become a welcome addition to the beautifully picturesque Alaskan town of Delta junction, with a craft beer pub to serve residents and tourists alike. Founders Kendall and Barbara Greenleaf have found a gap in the market to serve the local community, create jobs, and be the catalyst for economic growth in this currently underserved region.
Ken, and Barbara Greenleaf Owners and Founders


Milk & Honey is a cocktail and tapas restaurant located in one of the biggest tourist areas in Santa Barbara. The restaurant is small and unique, especially in the way it’s decorated. It’s not too overboard, and all-around prefect for a tapas restaurant. The vibe is a little more upscale but still casual. The food and the cocktails are absolutely delicious.
Stacy Wycoff CEO & Founder

Natural Cannabuzzshop, llc

Cannabuzz Shop, LLC is a micro business owned only by myself. I have a niece that has special needs
and most of my family has a background in the medical field. So, we’re geared toward helping people with all kinds of disabilities they might have. We’re not a medical dispensary; we will be a recreational dispensary.

Rochelle Stemmer CEO & Founder


SBC Innovations, an IT based government company in the D.C. area. Now, I am a minority, a black-owned business on paper, but that’s not the driving mechanism. I want to establish a company that is great overall. 

Ashley Vastey CEO & Founder


I’m the owner of 42 Days Cannabis Co. We’re a vertically integrated cannabis manufacturing company. We hired the Plan Writers to help with our manufacturing application and were issued the fourth license in the state of New Mexico for cultivation.

Bart Day CEO & Founder


We’re going to be in the desert of cannabis. That’s the fast and easy answer. To help remove the negative stigma surrounding the cannabis industry; To show the country and people that it isn’t bad for everyone. Our plan is to see profit from the industry, obviously,but we want to show people that it’s safe and that there are many benefits to cannabis.

Chad Everwine CEO & Founder


It was mainly founded on her concept. She pitched the idea of the trucking industry to me. After a lot of research and seeing the financialgains, we decided to go ahead, all hands-on deck, and we dived on in. We took courses and soaked up all the knowledge we could. 

Don Durand & Jennifer Belgrave CEO & Founder


We are home based bakery located in Oconomowoc Wi. and produce artisan bread to sell at farmers markets in the area.  We have a passion for delicious artisan breads and baked goods. We can accommodate custom requests not on our items list if you contact us and let us know what interest you. 

Mike Riggs CEO & Founder


Roman Brothers was founded to cultivate high-quality cannabis while supporting the local community and ensuring strict compliance with all industry laws and regulations.

Nick Roman CEO & Founder


I had previously worked with another company and wasn't satisfied with the results. However, when I received the first draft from the Plan Writers, I was genuinely pleased. The quality of their work and their exceptional customer service exceeded my expectations. I'm a one-man show, and they were incredibly patient with me. I'm not only happy with the final product, but I've also hired them for another project. They've been fantastic in every aspect, from customer service to design.

Bradley Kubela CEO & Founder
Hammys Exotic Brats


It provided us with inspiration and a wealth of facts and figures we hadn't even considered. It was in-depth and incredibly well-written, setting the bar high for us.

Darla Benore CEO & Founder


The Business Plan provided by the Plan Writers has been incredibly beneficial to our business. It has brought a significant level of realism to our vision and enabled us to grasp the fundraising goals we needed to achieve, as well as the untapped potential within our venture.

Jayme O’Connell Owner

reviews from our clients

The Plan Writers has been my choice to make my business plan. Fair price, short time and awesome job. What else do I need ? Over 30 pages of very well done content and I got a draft in less than one week.

Very impressive stuff and I’m very pleased with the great job they did. Also, fast email reply, perfect understood of my needs, got some advices from a very professional staff. God bless all the team !

Robert Y rating

Matthew from Plan Writers gave me a review of my business plan/pitch deck and gave me great feed back. He was very thorough with his assessment and helped a great deal. 

I would highly recommend their services. I am reaching out again to follow up for more help and to potentially have Plan Writers rework my whole plan!

Cecil P. rating

I am a start up and had no idea how to complete a business plan. I know this is a very important stage when starting a new business and wanted it to be perfect for lenders. I had started the process on my own but realized I didn't have the time or knowledge to turn it into 

the product I needed. I reviewed other companies online and even called to see how the companies dealt with me and the questions I had. Based on the positive responses I received I decided to go with The Plan Writers. John was great to deal with and really helpful when I had any concerns or questions. They completed my plan quickly and it came out beautiful! They found information I never knew existed. They incorporated graphs and photos to make it easy to quickly understand how my business would do with future profit and growth. I highly recommend this company if you want a quality product!

Linda W rating

Matthew and his team have come though for me more than once, delivering business plans of far greater quality than anyone I have used in the past.  As an entrepreneur, these plans have been

instrumental in gaining the trust and financial investment needed to grow my businesses. I highly recommend The Plan Writers

Aviva A. rating

I hired the plan writers to start and fund my new ortho practice. Could not be more happy with their work. Their team (Matt , Kerry and Bryan) let me work with them on a Sunday  as I have zero time in the week. I’m also an MBA

but don’t have the time or energy to write own plan however can testify that their financial analysis is excellent. They knew key benchmarks like chair occupancy, associate incentives and productions Goals spot on. Thank you for your hard and fast work .

Mickel Jourabchi rating

I have an MBA but come more from the marketing side and needed some help putting together the financial worksheet for my business plan.  Matt was great at quickly cutting to the core needs for my purpose and helped me to get focused and clear on 

what the scope should be at this juncture. I appreciated his ability to bring the perspective of someone who has seen many plans and not let me over-complicate it too soon. He was very clear with me on what expectations were reasonable for our agreement and made sure that we were on the same page about that. We also had a followup call where we talked through everything, he answered my questions, and made a few adjustments to better refine things once I was able to look it all through and understand better how various parts related to my end goal. Although it was an investment financially I feel it is ultimately less expensive in the early stages to work with someone (Plan Writers) who can fill in the gaps and help you get past your personal hurdles before investing in expanding your team.

Mrs H. rating

The best and most professional business and resume writers I've met! Matt and Kerry was very responsive, professional and knowledgeable. They helped me to create a business plan for my food business and

also working on my resume. Matt and Kerry helped me personally and they made my plan and resume very successful. Their opinions, suggestions and advices made everything way better than expected!

The best you can get.

Din A. rating

I wish there were more stars I can give this company. First off let me start by saying I researched a lot of business plan writing companies and from the beginning this one stood out

by their kind and warm demeanor and just how much they offered to help new business owners. From the beginning I was told that they can help me with all the numbers because I was not knowledgeable about any of it. I had a vision in my head and I had no idea how to put it to paper. From the first consultation call they assured me that they would be able to do this for me. They went above and beyond my expectations. I was so blessed and I am so grateful to have gotten the writer Nelly!

During the intake phone call I was driving on my way to the airport speaking very quickly and she got every detail down and put it into the plan perfectly and  beautifully!!!! Anytime I had any questions she was always available and happy to help!!!!!!!! I cannot stress enough how much this company and my writer have been a God sent!

When I got the first draft I was blown away how beautiful and professional it was but then I was notified that it still had to be sent to the graphic designer! I was satisfied at that point! But when I got it back from the graphic designer I literally cried!!!  My business plan is beyond beautiful, it's so professional I cannot believe what a great job this company does!!! It is worth 100% every single dollar spent!!!!! Not to mention the turnaround time is unbelievable!!! Thank you thank you so much to The Plan Writers, I am so grateful for all your hard work and how awesome the whole company is from the sales person, customer service, to my writer and the graphic designer!!!!!! Top quality service and end product!!!!

Chrissy C. rating

Really bright group of people. They took our input and drafted an excellent strategic internal plan for our gaming company.

Matt is a cool guy, easy to work with, gives solid advice. 10/10

Philip M. rating

After a few months of working to start my first dental practice, I needed some guidance when it came to the financial side of things. I have zero background in business and I was referred to Matt Khalili for help

He provided me with a high quality business plan and set me up to start the practice correctly. Matt took his time to give me any explanations I needed and was willing to answer any of my concerns. Although it was a little pricey, Plan Writers left me with an amazing business plan that I was proud to show my potential investors. I highly recommend Matt and his team to anyone looking for guidance to start their new business!

Nikki S. rating

I just got off the phone and some of the most helpful yet accessible Writers. Matt was exceptional through all of my questions, I was asking every question needed and he directed me in the right path.

I would definitely recommend this service for all needing a business plan, they educate and uphold your standard.

Stephanie C. rating

I own a retail kiosk at century city mall and needed an sba loan. This company did a good job with a business plan and my lender was pretty impressed. My loan was approved and an operating.

The plan they wrote made sense and was understandable. Their ceo Matt was knowledgeable and got straight to the point without wasting my time. Great value and honest people. I highly recommended their services especially for newbies like me. I don't usually trust sales people but got a great vibe from their company and was right about it.

Avy J. rating
our clients

trusted us with their business plan

Gabriella N. Owner – LA Sweet Stop
I haven’t considered myself to be an innate entrepreneur so this endeavor was my first time getting involved as a small business owner. The entire development phase of starting a business was very daunting. Like a brick wall without mortar, I had all really good ideas but didn’t have the “glue” to pull it all together into a cohesive business plan. When I reached out to a friend for assistance, they recommended that I look into getting help from The Plan Writers – this served as golden advice.... 
David D. Co-Founder – Regreen Corp
After two years had passed since launching Regreen, our solar development company, we came to a point where we required some funding to continue growing the business. I had just taken on several big clients on conditional terms and the company was going to either be greatly helped or very hurt depending on what results I received from the Small Business Administration regarding my application. Hiring The Plan Writers to write a SBA business plan was a fantastic decision as they assisted us in rising above the struggles we faced as a developing business...
Michael Farah Co-Owner – Rejuvenate Medical Spa
I am one of the partners at a comprehensive cosmetic medical center known as the Rejuvenate Medical Spa. After coming across the chance to purchase some extra space, we wanted to perform some research on the marketplace as well as a cost analysis to ensure that the business plan was practical... To pursue this, I contracted The Plan Writers to conduct the research for us and it ended up working very well for us. It has now been over a year since The Plan Writers helped out and we have successfully expanded into our new space and are continuing