The 2022 Expert Dojo Investor Festival, held in the heart of innovation, was a monumental gathering for startups and investors alike, and The Plan Writers were at the forefront as proud sponsors. Their participation at this prestigious event underscored their unwavering commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent and fostering economic growth. As sponsors, The Plan Writers not only provided financial support but also engaged directly with attendees through workshops and one-on-one sessions, offering invaluable business planning insights and strategic advice.

The Plan Writers, renowned for their expertise in business planning and strategy, leveraged this event to showcase their deep understanding of the cannabis sector. Through engaging panel discussions and networking sessions, they shared insights on sustainability practices and the evolving legal framework that shapes the industry. Their presentations were particularly focused on how businesses can navigate the complexities of the market with robust planning and strategic foresight.

"My business exceeds my expectations and I sincerely appreciate the effort you and your team committed to working with me on this. I know I asked more of you than most. Thank you for working with me, challenging me, and ultimately, delivering one hell of a plan."

Andrew Aamot
CEO, Sträva

"The Team at Plan Writers know cannabis. They developed my pro formas for my new stores, and with exacting detail. Matt and John looked into city taxes, market prices for flower and tax implications for a vertical company and it was simply impressive work. I use a number of reputable attorneys for my applications and they all love working with this Company. Responsive and always willing to meet challenging deadlines. My kind of guys."

Daniel Dvorsky
CEO, Cookies LA

"First, let me say that this plan is amazing, and the team did a great job!!!!! Super happy with it and I'm ready to get things going. I want to thank you all. The service I received has been amazing. I have 3 more projects I’m working on and I’m sure I will be using this service again."

Mark Bullock
Black Top Street Ball Association
The Gallery

The Plan Writers at the CWCB Expo

2022 CWCB Expo:


One of the highlights of the expo was the expert panel on sustainability practices in the cannabis industry, where The Plan Writers contributed significantly. They discussed the importance of sustainable business models that not only comply with regulations but also promote environmental stewardship. The evolving legal landscape panel was another area where they excelled, providing attendees with the knowledge to strategically position their businesses in a rapidly changing legal environment.

Empowering Businesses in the Booming Cannabis Market

The CWCB Expo showcased The Plan Writers' commitment to empowering businesses in the cannabis market.

Their participation highlighted their expertise in business planning for high-growth industries like cannabis and hemp.

The Plan Writers are at the forefront of the growing cannabis industry, offering businesses guidance through market entry and expansion with their business plans and strategic advice.