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“I'm from NY, so you can imagine that I was super skeptical about hiring complete strangers 3,000 miles away but Matt and his team of professionals completely put me at ease and surpassed my expectations - and I'm extremely picky! They met every deadline, were prompt in responding to my questions, held multiple conference calls to ensure we were all on the same page, when problems arose they stayed calm and came up with viable solutions. They were worth every penny.”


"The Team at Plan Writers know cannabis. They developed my pro formas for my new stores, and with exacting detail. Matt, Paul and John looked into city taxes, market prices for flower and tax implications for a vertical company and it was simply impressive work. I use a number of reputable attorneys for my applications and they all love working with this Company. Responsive and always willing to meet challenging deadlines. My kind of guys."

Daniel Dvorsky CEO, Cookies LA


Projected sales of $15 billion in 2020 for Cannabis Businesses in the US offer a huge opportunity.

Yes, starting a Cannabis Business has become more competitive and more complicated as the legal industry is still nascent. But the market is huge for early entrants and industry veterans to get a fair share of the pie.

For licensure and investment, cannabis business owners must provide a Compelling Business Plan that offers value


The solution?

A Cannabis Business Plan drafted by our PlanWriters™ Experts.


Our Cannabis Business Plans not only maximize the success of your application getting approved in the US but also give you a chance to secure funding from reliable investors.

We've worked on Dispensary Business Plans, Marijuana Business Plans, Hemp Business Plans, and CBD Business Plans, among many others...

Whether your Cannabis Business is a Dispensary, Production Unit, Procession Unit, Testing Lab, or Delivery Service, we can help.

Our Business Plans are made specific to each state to meet the local guidelines. We have supported entrepreneurs just like you in getting approval and funding, with an opportunity to work with industry experts who were behind the first medical licenses in the US.

Trusted by hundreds of Business owners, our Cannabis Business Plan service is your answer to a WELL-RESEARCHED AND PROFESSIONAL Business Plan.


Aaron Lyons CANNA CHEF

I am a start up and had no idea how to complete a business plan. I know this is a very important stage when starting a new business and wanted it to be perfect for lenders. ... I spent a few months working with the Plan Writers. They’ve met demanding deadlines and stayed up late countless nights to get my  business plan applications in order. It’s a job I don’t envy but respect admirably. This company has earned my endorsment.

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Andrew Aamot STRAVA

My business exceeds my expectations and I sincerely appreciate the effort you and your team committed to working with me on this. I know I asked more of you than most. ...  Thank you for working with me, challenging me and ultimately, delivering one hell of a plan.

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Farhad Doctor STICKY THUMB

We’re an award-winning delivery service in Northern California. Matt and his team prepared a plan that raised over a million dollars. These guys know the industry and simply do great work. ... I had started the process on my own but realized I didn't have the time or knowledge to turn it into the product I needed. I reviewed other companies online and even called to see how the companies dealt with me and the questions I had. Based on the positive responses I received I decided to go with The Plan Writers. John was great to deal with and really helpful when I had any concerns or questions. They completed my plan quickly and it came out beautiful! They found information I never knew existed. They incorporated graphs and photos to make it easy to quickly understand how my business would do with future profit and growth. I highly recommend this company if you want a quality product!

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We were early to market and The Plan Writers helped materialize our goals. It’s been a very fruitful relationship.


"We love helping entrepreneurs succeed"

Matthew Khalili CEO, The Plan Writers